Garena Free Fire OB33 Patch Notes 2022: Check out all the available items in the new update

Garena Free Fire OB33 Update Patch Notes: After all the hype and excitement, the maintenance of the Garena Free Fire OB33 Update has already started

The game officials have released full patch notes from where all the users can experience the upcoming items. The maintenance takes a few hours to complete. So, gamers can not open the game during this period.

Garena Free Fire OB33 Update Patch Notes: Check out all the available items in the new update. Credit System: Introducing a scoring system for players’ convenience and visibility with their account statuses

“We have long believed that Survivors who give a helping hand and keep their attitudes positive should be recognized and honored, and rightfully so, those who flame and quit should be punished. We can proudly announce that our vision is now a reality

Accounts that have been reported and verified to intentionally throw the game, AFK, force quit, or are verbally abusive will have 1-4 points deducted, while frequent abusers will face extra score deduction

A perfect score unlocks valuable prizes, while a score lower than 90 suggests a ban from CS-Ranked, that lower than 80 suggests a ban from BR-Ranked

Playing games with good behavior will earn 1-2 credit points per game. • Will be available 3/25 11:00 GMT+8

Garena Free Fire OB33 Update Patch Notes: Check out all the available items in the new update

Report System Improvements: Reporting is made more efficient, and report responses are more trackable “We strive to keep a healthy gaming environment in Free Fire, and we hope every player can participate in that

We believe that toxicity should not be tolerated anywhere within the game, hence we deliver the following expansions

In-Game Voice Chat Reporting Feature - Now you may report inappropriate voice chat calls. “We realized that when a toxic player decides to flame their teammates in voice chat, there’s not much their teammates can do beyond muting

The voice chat reporting feature is now available. Those who violate community guidelines will face a VC mute punishment, and a credit score reduction

Get free Characters with LINK! - Players can obtain free Characters by playing games in any mode “As Characters and their skills have become a fundamental part of our gameplay, we’ve come to realize the importance of making Characters more accessible

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